Letters to the Future: A Sampling of Recents

Merle Haggard “The Way I Am”

Miles Davis “In Concert”

Casting the Murdoch scandal: “Sandy, get me Cruise!”

Phaidon’s improved Turner monograph

Guns for Bananas: The Monkey Balks

Would you refuse me?


Addendum:  It may not be clear to some Catastrophe readers in what procession or order these images tumble down.  It is the position of the editorial staff that the Catastrophe is an exercise in unconscious mapping, hardly as revealed to its progenitors as it is to its onlookers.  Because it is staged in a universe as unstable and veering as the internet, the order is determined by chance and whimsical tangent — things tend to overlap and merge in uneasy or surprising ways.  We do believe that the internet is a kind of paranoid mirror of the mind, mediated by the fingers and the libido, often to the shock and consternation of the enduser.  Gradually a world picture emerges, as the fingers do their walking, and that picture is a reflection of our own fascinations, predilections and circling phantoms.  Some of the images in this post date from the first revelations of U.S. drone strikes in Afghanistan and Pakistan; others from last summer’s stunning News of the World meltdown; and still others from this morning’s Merle and Miles stereo jamboree.  I hope this finds you well.