Profiles in Death : The West

Chris Lager’s startling portrait of western civilization in its latest state of agonizing civil war and decline was auctioned this week on ebay for the record sum of $28 (USD).  Persons close to the Lager estate have refused to comment.  All, that is, save for Lager’s fond uncle, Demetrius Lager, who spoke to the Catastrophe under condition of anonymity about the generative compositional latex and popsicle-stick moment: “Chris was so happy then.  He would exercise, eat vigorously, and then swear push-up oaths against the blasphemy of the emerging theo-capitalist populism.  I remember one day, we had just returned from a breathless hike along the toes of the Jura range — Chris fell to his polenta and began shaping southwestern mountains, death’s heads, and what he called ‘Heroes of Capital Punishment’ on his plate.  The painting appeared, presented as a gift to herr Lager and myself, later that same afternoon.”