“Homosexual legislation causes earthquakes.” (Newly-minted, faith-based science intitiative [FBSI] publishes findings.)

An FBSI laboratory in Galveston, Texas. (Researchers there with Journey's Edge, an evangelical data-gathering agency, have reported a troubling rate of coincidence between homosexual legislation and Earth-based disasters.)

The inter-faith science authority (IFSA) has published the findings of its 6,000-year-long study on ‘Homosexuality and Extreme Global Catastrophe.’  Citing such primary historical documents as (1)The Bible, and, (2)The Torah, scientists with the inter-faith league are calling for an end to all homosexual legislation because of its nefarious effects on global weather, war, and other disaster-related scenarios.

Speaking from his home laboratory in Bedford-Stuyvesant, Brooklyn, Brooklyn-rabbi Yehuda Levin stunned the science community last Saturday with his findings, presented here, in a recently-posted You Tube video.  (Which should be posted as a hot link, except that I am suffering from a rare case of John Hodgman’s Disease, and so I don’t really know or care about the technocratic aspect of such things.  ‘Command-C’ then ‘Command-V’ in your web browser, as far as I understand it.)


Yehuda Levin has joined hands with other pioneer-scientists like Glenn Beck and Texas-governor Rick Plunder in the growing faith-based science movement to call for ‘an end to homosexual legislation.’  (Beck, currently on his “‘Un-Mellow Gold’: Jersusalem Now!” tour, has been tweeting fans about ‘the bravery contained within one single IDF soldier’s heart’ vs. ‘the cold, lifeless, un-Hank Williams-like blood, that flows through the liberal stiffs of the United Nations bureaucratic elite.’  Kids are loving it, sources say.)

Gay 'blood rain' that appeared without warning in FBSI-station-chief Michelle Bachmann's home last Saturday. "It was a bloodbath," reported Bachmann.

Presidential hopeful and FBSI station chief, Michelle Bachmann, posted shocking photographs of a homosexually-inspired ‘blood rain’ that appeared spontaneously in the shape of a fearful demon in her claw-foot bathtub at her rolling, 24-acre estate in N. Platte, Minnesota.

NASA scientists remain at a loss to explain the causes of such phenomena.  (Citing no primary funding or national credibility as scientists, they returned to their witch labs to brew more ‘opiated homosexual kool-aid for the masses,’ Beck tweeted.)

Again, sources say that kids are ‘just loving it.’