New ‘Dosi App’ for iPhone in the works.

Jordan Electronics' new "Dosi app" will retail for about four dollars, sources say.

Developers within Jordan Electronics, a theoretical electronic assembly collective based in Alhambra, California, have revealed that they are close to completing a radiological Dosimeter app for Apple’s iPhone.  The Dosi app, they say, will be capable of detecting high levels of radiation simply by waving the phone over a disaster site (much like a Wii controller.)  Jordan spokesperson Michael ‘Irvine’ Jordan confirmed that the Dosi app will retail for about four dollars at the iTunes store.

An original Jordan Electronics Dosimeter charger produced in the early 60s.

Jordan went on to say that “given the current climate — meteorological, radiological, socio-economical, and otherwise — Jordan felt there might be an unfulfilled market for something like the Dosi app.”

Motherfuckers are running scared,” he went on to say.


1 thought on “New ‘Dosi App’ for iPhone in the works.

  1. I so want this ‘app’; how-some-ever, I do not have the requisite iPhone. Is there an ‘app’ that would take the place of the iPhone? This would sort of be the ür-Fone….anyway, I thoroughly enjoy this blog and all its inventive spirit….will be following faithfully

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