Leaked COFVP documents suggest Cheney and ‘entire team’ still active in executive branch.

The Current Office of the Former Vice President (COFVP) is both active and undaunted, leaks reveal.

Kiwileaks, the whistle-blowing website based in Auckland, New Zealand, has released a new trove of documents suggesting that the Cheney administration continues to operate as a “fourth branch” of the U.S. government from an undisclosed remote location in or around or even beneath Washington, D.C.’s beltway community.  As the documents continue to spill forth, speculation has grown as to where the Current Office of the Former Vice-President (COFVP) may in fact be.  Some have suggested that it may be housed within the mega-contractor KBR, possibly in one of its anterior “break-rooms.”  This would support the theory that the former vice-president’s office functions today more as a “root” than as a legitimate “branch” of the federal government.

The so-called “shadow executive shoot” (SES) is described by insiders as a spontaneous, splinter-cell organization with operatives now working from several high-profile, but geographically distinct, locations.  (Condoleeza Rice, for instance, maintains a well-compensated sinecure at Stanford as one of its political science professors as well as being the Thomas and Barbara Stephenson Senior Fellow on Public Policy at the Hoover Institution.)

When asked about the SES at a Lady Foot Locker in Redwood City recently, Rice said, in a voice that belied its ferociousness by being both tremulous and shrill, “that is simply ridiculous — there is no such thing as the SES; and to suggest that there is such a thing as the SES says more about the cynicism of the sayer than it does about the likelihood of the existence of a smoking bag of gun shrooms don’t let the SES turn out to be a — anyway, no comment!”

Nonetheless, intercepted email and cell-phone messages reveal that former Cheney dept. officers including Rice, Wolf “Paul” Wolfowitz, Richard Perle, and Donnington Rumsfeller continue to host a weekly game of Risk/Mortal Kombat on a heavily firewalled third-party network.  Hacked transcripts of the game show the aforementioned players engaging in hypothetical cut-ups of the world buoyed by the rampant enthusiasm of site mascot, William Kristol.

Times contributor and Palin "mega-fan," William Kristol.

Kristol, brother of beloved comedian Billy Kristol, and a former Op-Ed contributor at the New York Times, is reportedly not allowed to engage in game play because his avatar, like colleague Thomas Friedman’s, has such a high optimism rating [+35 OPT] that he remains virtually “unkillable,” being completely immune to both The Truth and mortar strikes.

1 thought on “Leaked COFVP documents suggest Cheney and ‘entire team’ still active in executive branch.

  1. Such an imaginative story teller you are. Imaginative story telling is a quality all adults should posses.Cheney is Darth Vader minus the physical plastic facade.

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