The Audacity, awaiting permission to depart its mooring in Greece.

The Audacity, dry-docked, due to unconfirmed reports of "sulfuric acid" and "looking for blood" on board. (Also, possible propeller damage due to unconfirmed report sources.)

Definitely The 73rd Sonnet.  Where late the sweet birds sang.

Words worth knowing:

Inveigle – Persuade someone to do something by means of deceit or flattery

Scuppern. A hole in a ship’s side to carry in water.  Transitive v. To ruin or destroy; to overwhelm or massacre.

Integument – A tough outer protective layer.

Inclement – Lacking mildness; unpleasantly cold or wet. 

Rhizome – A continuously growing horizontal stem that puts out lateral shoots and adventitious roots at intervals.   

Licentious – Promiscuous and unprincipled in sexual matters.


I look at Steve McQueen and say, “Steve, we’re gonna make it.”  Like so…

Sy Richardson, 1984, as 'Lite' in Repo Man. Perhaps the last great American independent movie.


(If I could just interpose a small film review here, which seems strangely cogent, probably because I just tried really hard to watch it while feeling this other shit and found myself breaking furniture and making broken furniture art.)

Get ready for a gray palette and a gray mind!

“BATTLE: LOS ANGELES” (Columbia Pictures, 2011. Jonathan Liebesman, DIR., Christopher Birtolini, Writer.)

Just when you thought it couldn’t get worse, Michelle Rodriguez shows up looking surly and fake.  The green shit (which turns out to be silver) doesn’t even show up until 30-minutes in, at which point you want every character they have pretended to develop for the last thirty minutes to die thirty times over.

But, more importantly, I’m thinking this: If you make a “sci-fi / fantasy war movie” during a time of actual war, then presumably, that film is going to function as some kind of allegory or metaphor for the war(s) that is/are actually going on.  While acknowledging Torture, the Middle East (which has become its own bizarre cult of authenticity within the dim landscape of  these generic disaster pictures — think of all the establishing shots of minarets, stoic cloth-wearing peoples, and the call to prayer as an establishing shot alongside Moms and Childs in Volvo Wagons “just trying to get home and protect their families!), and Shit Is Sideways For Some Good Guys, “BATTLE:LOS ANGELES” is always careful not to say anything about anything.  Except, “Bros before Hos,”; “Aliens bad”; “Here’s an Afghani fighter-type dude to tell you that.”; and, “When shit goes sideways, you better be ready to throw down with your bros before hos cause good dudes always fuck the good Alyssa Milanos in the end and soft-ass sargeants die for their hubris.”

That about sum it up, Jonathan Liebesman (South African-born DIRECTOR of “BATTLE: LOS ANGELES) and Christopher Bertolini (godamn you for making me give you another hit on IMDB when there’s nothing even there WRITER of “BATTLE: LOS ANGELES”?  Is that what you were going for?  It’s telegraphing huge.  Awesome, feather in the cap.

To quote Nicki Minaj: ‘your game over, bitch / Gatorade, wet towel.’


Hot Links to follow.  Hot Apps on tour now.  (support: Summer Racks).  Go see ’em!!!

1 thought on “The Audacity, awaiting permission to depart its mooring in Greece.

  1. It’s to bad they used a digitally enhanced “Los Angeles times” photograph for thr movie postr takenin 1943 at the only real supposed battle of “Los Angles”. May have been a UFO as the photo suggests. Whats more fun than UFO’s?(sarcasm) In the real world such things are terrifying and devestating. Shit movie for shit money for sit people. I saw Kiss me Quickly and Escape from house on Bare Mountain.” Early 60’s monster nudies and I recomend them to everyone everywere. Monster Nudie double feature!

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