Intial Overture

(This site is being built right now.  I have cobbled together a provisional “Mission Statement,” mostly to buy myself a little time until I can organize and put up the work I’d like to store and share here.)  Thanks for your generous curiosity!

This blog will serve primarily as a locale for paintings, drawings, confabs, readymades, and  assemblages that I have been making (although ‘performing’ cuts more close to it) over the past few months.

All art will date from 2011 forwards (unless otherwise noted).  Paranoid and Accurate Historical Bodily Fluids to follow.

Let me say now: there is a LOT of work.  It will take me some time to edit and put up what seems a legitimate part of the continuum.  (This is my first blog, so please don’t bumrush me with any eager and hungry nonsense.) To be perfectly clear: THIS IS NOT A MUSIC SITE.   It is, however, TOTALLY ROCK AND ROLL.

Whether this torrential cycle of work is the outgrowth of frustration in the audio/lingual realm, a sudden incursion (think Derrida’s coupure) into the unspoken visual/allegorical kingdom, or perhaps just the runny excess of the impacted historical molar that is our recent present, I cannot yet say.  I suspect, it’s all three, as always.

Recently, in Slovenia, while hallucinating in a hotel room and trying to draw a church at dawn, I wrote what I think is the closest to a formal artistic statement as I am ever likely to produce:

The only role of art in my life is to try to reproduce an image — or a feeling — that suggested ‘aliveness.’ So — to briefly find oneself overwhelmed with visual satisfaction — a view, a field, a goat, some humans, building, trestle, mountain, stream. It is a postcard to yourself saying, “Don’t jump. It’s horrible but it gets worse.”

(Aftermath of Droid Clash at Al-Faiz, 2048.)

Because you have to be sure:

(Droid Checkpoint: Petroleum Scanner.)

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